Mahan Air : Spirit of Excellence!
21.07.2014 12:55
Mahan Air

                                                          Mahan Air | Image Resource: Wikipedi.org

Iran's first private airline started in 1992 This airline Operates domestic and international flights to Far East, Middle East, central Asia and Europe . What made ​​the airline reach more destinations than its Regularly served is the addition of Airbus A300 and Airbus A310 respectively in 1999 and 2001.

Currently it Reaches to 50 destinations within 12 countries and fleet of 38 Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. Its headquarters is in Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran. Started off as small airlines, Mahan air now holds most of the market share of the domestic airways in Iran.

Enjoy Delicious Food in Mahan Air!

Everyone loves a good meal even in a short flight . One of the major Strengths of this airline is the generous catering services They Provide on board. They Provide premium meals in domestic flights so. In Both domestic and international, beverage service is available Which makes your journey lively, They Provide a seat pitch of 31 inches and the seats give enough leg space for on average passenger, baggage allowance is 20kgs for domestic and 30kgs for international. Business class of this airline changes the whole view of premium class flight experience. Business class passengers are provided with full time beverage service , and can choose any meal from superior cuisines available on board. There are separate display windows displaying the journey status with other short entertainment programs, the seats give a fine comfortable experience with adjustable head rest and back rest. Why eat out when you finish can eat on board?


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